Questions & Scoring

This is the scoring pages for the questions you were asked in the book: “How to be a World Class Leader“. Before reviewing the results please make sure that you’ve met the following conditions:


  1. You’ve completed the book
  2. You’ve recorded all your answers


If you haven’t done both, please go back and do so before reading on – otherwise, you could lose many of the benefits you’re likely to get from working on the exercise.


What the Scoring Can Tell You

The scoring will show you how you performed throughout the book. It will identify areas where your decision-making process worked well and areas where it didn’t. It will also reveal if you’ve learned anything from the experience. That’s a good indication of your capability to become a World Class Leader.




The results below will give you an indication of your initial position on the leadership scale. However, you must score yourself from your written notes. For example, you get five points for Q3-1 if you specified that you find it difficult to make big decisions. However, you get zero if you didn’t write down those (or similar) words. You’ll note that some questions are not scored.


Scoring System

Don’t worry too much if you got a low score. The important thing now is to use what you’ve learned. Use it to develop a new mindset. Combine it with the tools, techniques and tactics to make meaningful changes to your own behaviour and to your organization.

I would suggest that you answer the questions again in about 6-months time. The results will show if you have made progress. In the meantime, you may want to read through sections of the book at least once a week to remind yourself of areas where you need to concentrate and make further changes.

More Information 

Would you like more information on the questions? If you’d like to better understand their purpose or why you should have answered is a particular way then please contact me. I’ll be delighted to give you more information. See the “contact me” section for details. Leave a comment on any of the blog posts.