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This site is for you if you’re about to start a new business or have just started one.  It doesn’t matter if you’re starting a one-person consulting business, a retail shop, or developing a high-tech product.

My goal is to make it easy for you to get the knowledge you need to be a success - with no wasted effort.

Startup Video Course

Get the essential information you need to guide your business in the right direction. Each short video will provide you with an important nugget of knowledge that will improve your chance of success.  

These videos have been created to make learning as easy and painless as possible.

Take the Quiz

Are you ready to start a business and become an entrepreneur?

Take this quiz and find out for yourself. It puts you in the hot seat.

Entrepreneurs frequently have to take decisions that will influence their long term success. This is a fun way to feel the same excitement.

Hats are the Problem

In a recent poll 43% of small business owners reported that the most difficult aspect of running their business was having to wear so many hats.

I assume they were referring to the many roles they had to play rather than the actual donning of multiple headgear! Luckily that's exactly where this site can help.   

Who Am I?

I've been helping businesses for over 24 years, Most of my clients were large multinationals but I’ve also helped many start-ups and small businesses like yours.

I've put together this website full of resources to help you, based on that experience. You can use them to help you create a successful startup.

It’s Different

This site is different because there’s a little bit of humour included. People learn best when they have fun (kids are great learners). And Dave (above) always gets right to the point!

Enjoy the articles, videos and cartoons knowing you're learning at the same time.

Practical Information

The information on this site is down-to-earth and practical. It's not theory or a high-level summary. It tells you what you actually need to do.

It's supplied in bite-size chunks so you can read an article or watch a video and start working on the information right away. In many cases you'll see positive changes within days.   

Short and Surprising

The articles and videos are short. There are no fillers . You just get the essential information to do your job better.

You'll learn many things that'll surprise you. Sometimes you’ll say “it can’t be that easy”. But just give it a try and watch what happens!   

The Secret Button

Don't waste any time - click on the red banner below to go the article page and start learning about simple tools and techniques that actually work.

There's a "secret" button on the top right of the next screen that’ll take you to the full contents. The people who skipped this section will never find it!