Pat Hough’s Instant Knowledge


Knowledge Deficit

companies suffer a huge penalty when knowledge isn't instantly available. Production goes down - and it can stay down for hours. Resources are wasted.

Knowledge Failure

The entire enterprise can suffer from a simple failure that has multiple knock-on effects, and all because the right knowledge wasn't available.

Management Impact

Craftspeople, Technicians and Engineers are not responsible for a lack of knowledge if the culture does not support it. That is a management function.


People Learn on Training Courses

Some managers believe that people can get all the knowledge and skills they need on training courses.

eMail as a Technical Medium

Many managers believe email is useful as a method to exchange technical information for their business. They don't see any need to measure or manage it.

People Make Logical Decisions

Most managers believe people make logical decisions - they accept it without any evidence - despite obvious indications to the contrary.

Latest News

Pat Hough’s new book “How to be a World Class Leader” is now on Amazon. The official launch was on Friday 28th September.  Go to Amazon to see it.

How to be a World Class Leader