Pat Hough’s Review



How can CEOs make important decisions when they don't have all the information and skills needed to do the job properly?


What exactly is a Leader and why do many CEOs believe they are Leaders when all they do is follow the herd?


Why are many organization so inefficient and ineffective? And why are those failings not identified and dealt with?


People Learn on Training Courses

Some CEOs believe that people get the knowledge and skills they need on training courses.

eMail is an Effective Medium

Some CEOs believe that email usage is acceptable in their organization and they don't need to address it.

People Make Logical Decisions

Many CEOs believe they can make decisions without a formal decision-making process.

Latest News

Pat Hough’s new book “How to be a World Class Leader” is now on Amazon. The official launch was on Friday 28th September.  Go to Amazon to see it.