Video Lessons for Startup Owners

If you’re starting a new business you need to business knowledge to succeed. I’ve taken the essential information you’ll need, put it into a series of videos and (hopefully) made it more interesting and funny. The videos are just below (click on the pictures):

Lesson 1 – What knowledge do you need?

This is the first in the series of practical and funny videos that’ll help you put the right foundations in place. You’ll learn useful down-to-earth techniques and tips that will help your business grow. Each lesson gives you something practical to do to improve your business

You can find the supporting information HERE.


Lesson 2 – How to Start a Startup

If you are about to start your own business this video will explain what knowledge you need to succeed. Most startups fail so it’s important to learn exactly what’ll need to give yourself an edge. You can download the Working Knowledge Circle by going to the additional information page.

You’ll find the supporting information HERE.


Lesson 3 – Business Strategy for Startups

This video will help you create a business strategy in the simplest and easiest way possible. It was designed to help startups and small businesses plan for the future. It’s a practical and funny video that will help you understand why your business actually needs a strategy and it explains the steps to take. You can also go to the supporting information and download the matrix.

The supporting information is HERE.


Lesson 4 – Business Strategy and War – A Guide for Startups

What the difference between business and war? Just the weapons – at least, according to one wit. When you start a new business it’s likely that you’ll have competitors who’ve been around for a while. They won’t be too pleased that you’ve arrived to take a cut of their profits. They’ll be looking for ways to stop you. That’s where a good business strategy can help.

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Lesson 5 – Time Management for Entrepreneurs

If there is one behavior that separates successful business leaders from others – it’s their use of time management techniques. These are the professionals who plan for the future and actually carry out those plans. Now you can be one of these people.

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Lesson 6 – How to be Much More Effective

If you’ve been practicing the techniques shown in the last video, you should now be much more efficient. That means you should be able to get more things done. Now you can become more effective as well. You could be wasting your time doing the wrong things. Being effective means doing the right things.

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Lesson 7 – Strategic Thinking – A Video Guide for Startups

A strategy is only as good as its implementation.  Many strategies are left on the shelf because the small business owner get too involved in the routine work of running the business. They don’t have any time for working on their long term goals. They can always do that “tomorrow” (but of course they don’t). This video shows how to tackle this problem.

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