Lesson 5 – Time Management for Entrepreneurs

Time Management

The Professionals

There is one behavior that separates successful business leaders from others – it’s their use of time management techniques. There are many reasons:

  • They sleep well at night
  • they are less stressed because everything is under control
  • they are more efficient – things get done quickly
  • things get done properly
  • they are always prepared

These are the people who can plan for the future and carry out those plans. They overcome obstacles and setbacks and keep on going. Now you need to be one of these people.


The Pressure

When you start your own company you’ll find there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything. Many new business owners work over ten hours a day just to keep things ticking over. Many feel under constant pressure and don’t sleep well at night.


Time Management

The answer isn’t necessarily to work extra hours – although that may be required from time to time. One half of the answer is to be more efficient. That means reducing wasted time and get more done every day.  That where time management comes in – and that’s what we’re going to cover in this video.


Time Management for Entrepreneurs – the Video

Here is the video. Click on the center of the picture to watch it. There is more information underneath the video – so I’ll see you there.


The Book

Did the book surprise you? There are many reason for using a book as a planner rather than one of the many Apps that are available. That won’t become really obvious until later in the series. For the moment I’d suggest you get the book (most one-page per day dairies will do) and work with it as describe in this video and in the next. You should find your productivity increase immediately.



It will take a while to get used to taking a book with you and writing down everything but the benefits are significant. You may feel shy about writing things down when you’re talking to someone. However, I’ve found that people are delighted that you’ve found something they’ve said important enough to be recorded.


Half an Answer

I mentioned that this video only give you half the answer (even though it’s an important half). The reason is that it concentrates on efficiency. That means getting more things done each day.  The next video will deal with effectiveness – that means doing the right things. The combination of efficiency and effectiveness is unbeatable so don’t miss the next installment.


Video Transcript

Here is a transcript of the video for those who prefer to read. You might also be able to use this to help translate the video into an alternative language.

How can you make sure that you never miss another meeting?
How can you get more done every day?
How can you reduce stress?

I’m Pat Hough and I’ll answer these questions in this short video.

You’re starting a new business so you’ll have a huge workload for a while. You need to be very efficient if you want everything done – and done properly. That’s why you’ll need one of these – That’s right it’s a physical book.

I know what you’re thinking but there are very good reasons why a physical book is better than an app.

In this video I’ll explain basic time management. I’ll cover more advanced techniques in later videos.
Let’s look at the book. It’s A5 size – or equivalent – and has one page for each day. That’s very important because you’ll need the space for planning.

Here’s how to use it:
Whenever you schedule a meeting go to the appropriate date and – on the left of the page – write down the purpose of the meeting, the contact name and the location – at the time agreed.  That will ensure you’ll never forget the details of any meeting.

Whenever you get an action item – write it down on the right side of the page. At the end of each day – move action items that haven’t been complete to the next available day. Each morning look at the action items for today and classify them. We’ll talk about how to classify action items in the next video. If you’ve used a previous time- management technique this new system will surprise you. You’ll end up with each item being classified as A, B or C.

You can number each of these in order of importance. Schedule the A items before the B items. Now you must schedule time for each action item on your list. For example, if the item marked A1 will take an hour and a half you could schedule that between 8.00 and 9.30.

Sechedule that time and do the same for all the items starting with the A’s and then moving on to the B’s. You won’t schedule the C items because they don’t add enough value. They should fall off your list.
Now you just follow the schedule as closely as you can. If you get interrupted just continue when you’ve handled the interruption. Always start your day by working on the action items. Never start by reading your email, texts or social media. These are distractions and will derail your day. At the end of the day carry forward any items that you haven’t completed. If you follow those guidelines you will become much more efficient. You’ll get a lot more done each day.

To Recap:
1. Get the book
2. Record all meetings and appointments as you make them
3. Record all your to-do items
4. Categorize them
5. Schedule time for each of them
6. Reschedule any not complete
That’s it, thanks for watching,
Until the next time.

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