Why Cartoons are Good For Your Business

Cartoons - Good for Business

Do you Have a Sense of Humor?

You’re going to start a business so you have some serious learning to do. But there’s a downside to being serious. Studies* have shown that humor in the classroom can have positive effects on the attention, engagement, and motivation of students and can help make the learning environment a more welcoming and comfortable place.

That means that being serious has a negative effect on attention, engagement, and motivation. And that’s why I have included cartoons and humor on this site (and it gives me an excuse for laughing our loud from time to time).

Here’s a couple to get you started:


Cartoon - Business Opportunities


Many of the cartoon on this site illustrate a serious point that you might want to consider when you’re setting up a business. This one illustrates (!) the dangers of rushing into an opportunity without taking the time to consider all the implications – and particularly the negative ones.


Cartoon - Startup resources


This one has a similar theme. People can be seduced by an offer because it looks like a golden opportunity. They become so emotionally attached that they refuse to examine it deeply enough to see the dangers. Or – is the real theme  – would you invest in any business that Dave runs?


Your Business

How can you use humor in your business? Could you use it in your advertising? How about creating funny characters for your website? If you’re going to have employees you can use it to increase engagement and motivation. Have a look at the cartoons and videos on this site and see if they spark any ideas.


Mandatory Warning

You should always use humor in a positive way, people should never feel that they are the scapegoat of your jokes. Humor is a powerful force – use it wisely (and no using it to take over the world – we’ve had enough of that nonsense).



*(Berk, 2002; Morrison, 2008), (Lovorn & Holaway, 2014; Posnick-Goodwin, 2009)


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